Modiwo… ModiWOW

I’m going to be honest here… it’s not often I like happy, uplifting music… I’m quite a miserable git when it comes to music normally BUT Modiwo are something special and I love them. Modiwo’s new tune ‘Cosmic Bus’ is one hell of an uplifting song, and I LOVE IT.  The European dream pop team […]

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‘Down The Aisle’ by Music Theory

Check out the latest tune from Egyptian artist, Music Theory, whose infectious brand of pop music is easy listening for all ears. As a youngster, Music Theory was a relatively shy character, but he quickly found that writing music became a useful outlet for releasing his thoughts and dreams. Although Music Theory employs a pop […]

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‘Fireman’ by Jake Aldridge

Rap artist Jake Aldridge has collaborated with Lisa Ambrose to form the catchy new single, ‘Fireman’. With Lisa’s delicate pop vocals forming the infectious, yet gentle chorus, and Jake’s well-crafted rap styling forming the verses, a unique combination is created through their juxtaposition and it certainly sounds good. Jake wasn’t always drawn to music though. […]

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