‘Fading Photograph’ by Glenn Harrold

Glenn Harrold is a multi-million selling self-help author and hypnotherapist who has also diverged into the world of making music. Is there anything this man can’t do?

He hit us with ‘The Wayfarer’ not too long ago and now he has followed up the success of this single with ‘Fading Photograph’- a classically constructed love song that addresses the age-old situation of losing the one you love and fondly remembering it as you get older, yet eventually, it fades away.

With a captivating (and slightly heartbreaking) video, Glenn’s music will have you gripped with its emotional prowess and it might just bring you to tears, in a good way though.


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Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist Rosie O’ Sullivan returns with new soul EP after losing nearly 17 stone

Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist Rosie O’Sullivan is back, after losing 16.5 stone in weight, with a new soul inspired collection of tracks. The soul songstress writes and sings from the heart with a fullness of passion, which has nurtured and helped shape her own individual musical imagination. Having performed at Birmingham Pride, Big Festival and The Brummie Awards, worked alongside Martha Reeves, Shalamar and The Real Thing and received amazing feedback from the BGT judges, O’Sullivan is back and better than ever.

Gaining influences from her family and relationships, Rosie found her own experiences in life inspire her music most. The album is based around relationships and experiences in her life that have happened over the past few years but ‘No One’ follows the story of true love between Rosie’s mum and dad that she is lucky to see every day.

Brought up with the rousing sounds of Motown, soul and the vibrant style of the sixties, Rosie immersed herself in the unique energy of the music, which has naturally lingered into her own. By the age of eleven Rosie could play both the piano and saxophone and continued to blossom as an artist. She began singing alongside The National Youth Choirs of Great Britain in the 2011 and 2012 BBC Proms and then gained a Bachelor of Music Performance Degree at the London College of Music.









Jodie H. Dunn’s ‘I Belong In Hell’

Having tried the talent show route in the past, talented singer-songwriter, Jodie H. Dunn has decided to take a more organic path to get her music out there. Now, after producing her first professionally recorded track, ‘I Belong In Hell’, Jodie has her eyes set on becoming the next home-grown music sensation.

However, it hasn’t always been easy for Jodie. During her school years, she was subjected to terrible levels of bullying which even extended onto social media. This forced her to move schools in the middle of an important exam period, but unfortunately, the online bullying still followed her. Despite this, Jodie has shown determination and character in overcoming this, using her experiences to fuel her deep, heartfelt songs. Not only is there strong subject matter behind her lyrics, but Jodie is gifted with a stunning voice that powers the emotion in her music.

Jodie was always a self-taught musician, singing in the garden and the playground as a child and eventually picking up some skills on the keyboard to help her songwriting. Her passion for getting her thoughts penned down into songs grew during her teenage years and already, at such a young age, Jodie’s inherent talent is undeniable.

‘I Belong In Hell’ may sound somewhat threatening, but Jodie’s debut professional recording is a powerful ballad that exhibits her wide ranging vocals, from soft whispers to powerful chorus-roars. The track was brought to life with the help of Andy Whitmore at Greystoke studios who has worked with the likes of Elton John, Danni Minogue and Peter Andre.

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James Kennedy’s New Musical Direction

James Kennedy has been living the rock’n’roll lifestyle for a while now, but after constant touring with his alternative-rock band, Kyshera, he found that it was becoming difficult and unfortunately, began to suffer from depression.

Despite this, James took a break which helped him gather his thoughts and led to him writing and recording his new solo album, Home. The process became a sort of therapy for James and the album exhibits some of his best work to date, albeit very different from the hardcore stylings and aggressive sound of Kyshera.

Home shows a side of Kennedy that has clearly looked inwardly to himself for his musical inspiration. There is still a definitive rock sound to his music, but there are elements of pop hooks and more soulful lyric writing that display Kennedy’s versatile range as a musician.

James’ album isn’t out until 31 March, but you can listen to some of his other work on SoundCloud and find out a bit more on him here:








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Norwegian pop sensation Line Mari set to release debut album ’21 Days’


Norwegian pop sensation Line Mari is set to release her debut album ‘21 Days’ on Friday 16th December after being approached by major music producer Rob Cass. He saw her potential and invited her over to Abbey Road Studios where she began working on her debut album, with the help of cutting edge producer Pearse MacIntyre. Bursting with fresh young vibes ’21 Days’ demonstrates Line Mari’s powerful and distinctive vocals whilst still having a rock infused edge.

 Stream ‘21 Days’ here now:


The album cover itself is really special – exclusively for the first edition, a small amount of real gold has been pressed into the ‘21 Days’ logo. The portrait of Line Mari on the cover is the work of upcoming German artist, Pixie Cold, who wanted to be involved simply because she loved the music. On the back side of the CD she has painted Line’s guitar – a special Gibson Custom Shop ES-339, named Mari.

Line Mari dreamt of being a musician from birth, dancing in the womb as her mother explains. Although shy at first, by the time she was in her teens Line Mari was writing her own songs and performing. Her shyness has fuelled her songwriter, making her lyrics more personal, emotive and introspective.

Watch the video for Line Mari’s electrifying single ‘Crush’ here:


Belgian musician Mark L. Oakes releases his debut ‘Call Me The Moon’

 Belgian singer-songwriter, engineer and producer Mark L. Oakes is set to release his debut album ‘Call Me The Moon’. Influenced by Neil Young and Ryan Adams, Oakes has created the ideal soundtrack for a karmic road trip.

Although it was tracked at Mark’s home studio, the album has a professional but raw sound. This may be due to the help of London cellist Ben Trigg and Grammy award winner Gavin Lurssen who mastered and finalised Oakes’ debut.

From travelling between Europe and the US constantly, Oakes has been involved in multiple projects but ‘Call Me The Moon’ has been his escape.


Listen to ‘Shredded Jeans’ from the album here:

Out Today – Jon McDevitt’s alternative take on a festive album ‘Father Christmas’

Officially released today, Friday 25th November, Jon McDevitt’s Father Christmas is a classically catchy tune – good, easy listening for the upcoming festive period.

McDevitt’s seasonal single blends influences from The Smiths and Dexys Midnight Runners amongst others. With thoughtful lyrics that paint Father Christmas as a figure missing from Christmas, this contemporary Christmas classic really makes you think about the true meaning of Christmas.

Watch the video here:

Jon Mcdevitt’s musical background includes creating the theme tune to the Channel 5 series ‘A Different Life’ and being frontman and writer for his original band Geist. Be sure to keep up with our modern-day santa’s latest happenings on social media: