James Kennedy’s New Musical Direction

James Kennedy has been living the rock’n’roll lifestyle for a while now, but after constant touring with his alternative-rock band, Kyshera, he found that it was becoming difficult and unfortunately, began to suffer from depression.

Despite this, James took a break which helped him gather his thoughts and led to him writing and recording his new solo album, Home. The process became a sort of therapy for James and the album exhibits some of his best work to date, albeit very different from the hardcore stylings and aggressive sound of Kyshera.

Home shows a side of Kennedy that has clearly looked inwardly to himself for his musical inspiration. There is still a definitive rock sound to his music, but there are elements of pop hooks and more soulful lyric writing that display Kennedy’s versatile range as a musician.

James’ album isn’t out until 31 March, but you can listen to some of his other work on SoundCloud and find out a bit more on him here:








Pre-order ‘Home’ here:




Everything Under make electronic rock accessible for all with single ‘Happy Matters

Electronic rock group Everything Under (EU) have a unique outlook on life, which they portray through their quirky single ‘Happy Matters’ and psychedelic music video. The single taken from their upcoming album ‘Where Have The Kids Gone at Night’ follows an electronic rock sound but blends 80s synth pop with 90s alternative grungy guitar, giving it a unique sound.

EU’s front man Mark J. Heidecke lost his sister in a car accident in 1998 and spent years pondering her loss. He soon decided to attend Ex’pression College for Digital Arts where he learnt sound design, music theory and performance and found his passion was with music. The loss of his sister always effected Heidecke but he found music was that form of escape.

EU consists of Grammy Award winning producer/sound engineer Jeff Lane, drummer Kevin T. Jones and Bernie Grundman who mastered EU’s latest tracks. The group aim to make electronic rock genre more accessible to all and after listening to ‘Happy Matters’ it seems they’ve been successful.

Watch the music video for ‘Happy Matters’ here:



Out Today – Jon McDevitt’s alternative take on a festive album ‘Father Christmas’

Officially released today, Friday 25th November, Jon McDevitt’s Father Christmas is a classically catchy tune – good, easy listening for the upcoming festive period.

McDevitt’s seasonal single blends influences from The Smiths and Dexys Midnight Runners amongst others. With thoughtful lyrics that paint Father Christmas as a figure missing from Christmas, this contemporary Christmas classic really makes you think about the true meaning of Christmas.

Watch the video here:

Jon Mcdevitt’s musical background includes creating the theme tune to the Channel 5 series ‘A Different Life’ and being frontman and writer for his original band Geist. Be sure to keep up with our modern-day santa’s latest happenings on social media:




Modern Baseball release single for anti-Trump campaign 30 days, 30 songs

After the major news of Donald Trump winning the presidency, it’s no surprise that musicians are going to spread their opinion through the medium of music.  In the run up  to the election 30 days, 30 songs was created as an anti-Trump campaign, whereby artists write and perform tracks in the aim to create a Trump-free America. Although this wasn’t overly successful many major musicians took part, creating a playlist of killer tracks.

Modern Baseball unveil their first piece of work since their third album release back in May. The single ‘Bart To The Future Part 2: The Musical’ is named after the 2000 Simpsons episode in which it was predicted a Trump presidency.

Modern Baseball has joined the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Death Cab For Cutie and Jimmy Eat World for the campaign.

Listen to the track here:

The 109s REVIEW

The debut album from The 109s landed in my inbox ready for a review this week and I was rather excited to get listening to this as the band describe their sound as akin to AC/DC and Iron Maiden.

After a couple of listens to the band’s Soundcloud, I have to admit I am very impressed! The band has taken inspiration from rock legends that have gone before them and have poured their knowledge and talent into making this 12 track album- and it is clearly evident! They have created some beautiful vocal harmonies which contrast perfectly with some punchy and memorable guitar riffs from lead guitarist Matty. The track also features some true rock style bass and drums which really give the track layers and dimension.

The track really builds to a strong pinnacle and is constantly filled with fluidity and movement which gives them an interesting and dynamic production sound. This gives the band individuality in the rock scene but also allow them to sit right on the edge on mainstream success.

Overall, great album and I am sure I will be listening to a couple of these tracks many more times!





Love inspired single ‘Summer Night on Fairytale Land’ from Pedro Syrah REVIEW

The beautiful love inspired single from Pedro Syrah ‘Summer Night on Fairytale Land’ is a calming earworm of a track. Featuring Pedro’s soft and beautifully controlled vocals, the track is the perfect evidence of the creatively daring guitarists musical talent. It is clear to hear that Pedro has been influenced by a vast and extensive range of genres and musical styles from progressive rock to classical music.

Watch the video for ‘Summer Night on Fairytale Land’ here: 

Whilst the song has clear commercial value, reminding me of songs such as Better Together by Jack Johnson, it also has a distinctly unique sound at the same time. It is refreshing to find a track which would easily fit in the indie folk genre whilst also hanging right on the edge of mainstream music. The track is the perfect combination of intimately personal lyrics and widely appealing guitar sounds meaning that I would recommend this track to fans of acoustic music to those who are more into their folk music.

With his album set for release in October, I would recommend that while you wait you check out the video for this track and keep up to date on Pedro’s social media as he is often posting on the progress of his upcoming album.




Daniel William Daidone delivers kooky and creative new-wave/indie/rock cocktail ‘On a Holiday’

Gearing up for the release of his new album Shapeless Things, alternative rock artist Daniel William Daidone takes his listeners on a wild adventure with this new track ‘On a Holiday’.

Influenced by an eclectic mix of artists including Talking Heads, The Cars and Weezer, Dan’s sound is a creative cocktail of modern rock, indie pop and New Wave.

Listen to ‘On a Holiday’ here:


A man with music in his blood, Dan is the grandson of violin virtuoso Adolfo Daidone (aka Al Duffy), who performed with the likes of The Tommy Dorsey Band, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and Gene Krupa.

Dan has already received past exposure for his musical talents, four of his songs appearing in the US Showtime series, Shameless. Two of his tracks were also used in the animation short Bumble Beeing, which was accepted into the Sundance Film Festival.

Having toured extensively in a number of bands including Philadelphia pop-rock group Officer Roseland, Dan has played in locations including the UK, the US and Puerto Rico. Revered venues that he has played at include The Legendary Dobbs in Philadelphia and CBGBs in New York.

In 2008, Dan also took part in a marketing campaign for Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation. He was able to raise over one thousand pounds in music sales for the charity.

On top of music, Dan has also lent his creative talents to writing and is the author of a children’s book What Was Our Teacher Doing At The Mall?

Clearly an exciting character, Dan seems certain to spice up today’s rock landscape with his unique sound and persona.


‘On a Holiday’ is out June 15th