LAPP Dancing!

Having cut his teeth with the band Wild Rossa and the 88, LAPP has broken out to forge his own avenue to success, taking no chances and throwing as many musical genres as you can carry to the fame factory. Though his music is largely influenced by black music forms (r&b; jazz; soul) LAPP confesses […]

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Cracking New Single from Crack of Dawn

Canadian funkateers, Crack of Dawn, have largely been ignored by everyone outside of their homeland. Fortunately, Canada itself has reacted in quite the opposite way, buying enough records from the band in their hayday to ensure they outsold Earth, Wind & Fire, a reasonable sonic comparison. However, Crack of Dawn are far from finished. Comprising […]

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Tiffani Juno’s ‘Go Hard’ EP

Having won Sony/ATV’s song writing competition during her college years and collaborated with a number of notable artists including Shy FX and Jakwob, the latter of whom she charted with in the UK top 40 with ‘Somebody New’, London based electro-soul singer-songwriter, Tiffani Juno, is back with her debut EP, Go Hard – an introspective […]

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Pimlican: ‘Runaw’y’

Solo artist, Pimlican, has teamed up with a group of talented musicians to create his catchy new single, ‘Runaw’y’. The experienced musician blends a wide range of genres including R&B, dance and pop to form a unique, yet contemporary sound with urban influences. His strong song writing skills see him mixing killer hooks with colourful […]

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Upbeat and inspirational new electro-pop single ‘Step by Step’ by Challan Carmichael

Up-and-coming UK singer, Challan Carmichael, delivers this new feel good single ‘Step by Step’ out June 3rd. Sporting a fantastic hook and a bubbly electropop beat, the track has all the ingredients of a catchy pop song, made all the more engaging by its positive and life-affirming lyrics. Challan Carmichael is Fresh, Original and Inspiring. […]

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