‘The Wayfarer’ by Glenn Harrold

You may well recognise the name Glenn Harrold from somewhere and it is likely because as well as a being a talented musician and songwriter, he is also a multi-million selling self help author and hypnotherapist.

However, Glenn has recently taken a diversion from hypnotherapy to focus on releasing music. Much of his work draws on subjects he covers everyday as a self-help guru, including human consciousness, spirituality, peace and love.

Consequently, what Glenn already knows has provided him with the ideal platform for launching his foray into the music industry. For ‘The Wayfarer’, a song inspired by the story of the Peace Pilgrim, Glenn has employed the vocal talents of Dean Rhymes who adds a beautiful sense of emotion to the track. The Peace Pilgrim, otherwise known as Mildred Lisette Norman, was an inspirational figure who spent much of her life trekking across America in pursuit of just one thing: peace.

Glenn’s hypnosis and meditation downloads and Apps have sold over 7 million copies worldwide and are perennial best sellers on Amazon, iTunes, the App Store and Google Play. Glenn has also written 7 books, which have been published by major publishers Orion in the UK and Europe and McGraw Hill in the US. Also, Glenn’s hypnotherapy career has led to him appearing on Steve Wright’s show, Breakfast TV and Five live.

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Dream Logic – Drunken Monkey

Chase this tune because it blends great country momentum with a hard rock beat in a fresh and memorable way!

New York trio The Dream Logic announce breakout sophomore album “My Black Arts’ Free Download of single “Drunken Monkey” here

Drunken monkey is one of the new catchy tunes from NYC based rock group, Dream Logic. Its a real testament to the great things to some in the bands next instalment into the music industry. Their album is called ‘My Black Arts’ and this toe tapping rock track is sure to get you interested in this great collection of tracks.