‘The Wayfarer’ by Glenn Harrold

You may well recognise the name Glenn Harrold from somewhere and it is likely because as well as a being a talented musician and songwriter, he is also a multi-million selling self help author and hypnotherapist. However, Glenn has recently taken a diversion from hypnotherapy to focus on releasing music. Much of his work draws on…

Dave Fidler – Taking Over

You should chase this tune… …Because BLUES. Can I say much else? Dave Fidler has taken it upon himself to educate the rest of us on the meaning of real blues, and we LOVE it.

Dream Logic – Drunken Monkey

Chase this tune because it blends great country momentum with a hard rock beat in a fresh and memorable way! New York trio The Dream Logic announce breakout sophomore album “My Black Arts’ Free Download of single “Drunken Monkey” here Drunken monkey is one of the new catchy tunes from NYC based rock group, Dream…

Colin Clyne – Merry Go Round

You should chase this tune because… … its feel good, acoustic guitar makes you want to get up and dance and sing along

Derek Ryan – Hold onto your Hat

  You should chase this tune because… …not only will it put a big smile on your face with it upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics, this also looks like a track that could see great success in both England and Ireland.      

Cowboy Hat – ‘Yeah I Love The South’

You should chase this tune… …Because of Nigel’s amazingly rich and warm vocals, this coupled with the lovely guitars and solid drums makes for an inspired country sound.