“2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal?”

“2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal’ is the title of the latest piece from Spanish-born British composer Toni Castells which will have its world premiere at St. James’s Piccadilly, London, on the 6th of July  2016 at 7.30pm. The piece features the composer’s trademark blend of classical ensembles, operatic voices and electronica/sound art, described as…

Shane Thomas – ‘Mrs Matisee’

  Chase this tune…because it’s the most impressive thing we’ve heard from a 15 year old…ever! This guy has bags of his talent and matter what kind of jam you’re into you’ll appreciate the genius of this little wonder! The track was inspired by a painting by Henri Matisse and beauty prevails!  

Greyce – Dare to Dream

  You should chase this tune because… …the mellow ambience and soft tones are relaxing and a perfect soundtrack for a lazy summers evening.

Neolektra – ‘Immortals’

You should chase this tune… …Because of the atmosphere the music creates. It really paints a picture of some exotic place in your mind. It is very dramatic sounding and really leaves an impact on the listener.