Mosaic Get BBC Introducing Nod

Every generation has a band that feels like they’re talking directly to them – Mosaic are a band entirely in that mould, singing songs with stories their audience can immediately relate to whilst paying homage and taking influence from some of the most successful bands in recent times. Mosaic create songs you fall into and have no intention of escaping from – upbeat even when they’re being introspective, they have immediate pop hooks coupled with subtle atmospherics which make them impossible to resist.

Mosaic’s indie pop as just as likely to slide into indie rock in the space of one song – there’s the jangly innocence of The Kooks flittering around the bopping pop of The Wombats and dive-bombing the more angular attack of Bloc Party and The 1975, yet their secret weapon is to be so unremittingly likeable. They recently performed at the BBC’s Introducing Live show, a coveted slot which has led to many acts achieving a breakthrough.

Based in Newbury, Mosaic comprise of Craig (vocals); Adam (guitar); Will (guitar); Dan (bass) and Simon (drums), and are the culmination of British indie music’s ever-growing self-confidence and sees them perfectly positioned to be the new favourite band of every new lost soul at university and every music fan who is eager for a change from shoe-staring, self-important exclusivist music to the energetic, inclusive songs they ready to bring to your lives.




Twitter: https://twitter.com_mosaicofficial





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