Modiwo… ModiWOW

I’m going to be honest here… it’s not often I like happy, uplifting music… I’m quite a miserable git when it comes to music normally BUT Modiwo are something special and I love them.

Modiwo’s new tune ‘Cosmic Bus’ is one hell of an uplifting song, and I LOVE IT.  The European dream pop team have created a track which isn’t just catchy, fun and anthemic but has real artistry behind it. The song starts with the familiar compressed piano vocal build up of EDM hits before crashing in with a big orchestral synth and just when you think this build up could be cheesey, a beautiful soft vocal at 1min 20 pulls you out of the room, YES MODIWO.

This section is what caught my attention. By the time the saxophone solo pops in after the chorus you’re already hooked. Uplifting, pretty, Cosmic Bus is an awesome track.

Watch the video below (which is  load of fun, honestly you’ll love it)


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