Bradford’s Blast of Indie Fused Rock…’The Sheratons’ are Coming to a Town Near You!

This band of vibrant young faces ask, why is it fun just when your young?


A collection of four friends, including Kane Bulleyment, James Jowett, Finley Ryan and Emma Liu come together to make ‘The Sheratons’. With elements from different styles that draw from each member, The Sheratons have started embarking on a 7 date tour within the months of September, October and November. With the release of their new single ‘Better Days’, the band are ready to take charge and get their music to the wider world.

Each member has a fairly unique background and style, with influences drawing from Indie, Ska and Punk. Emma Liu, the drummer for the band, adds a ‘white stripes’ effect, while Finley is heavily influenced by the ska style, rocking Doc Martins, James Dean’s cool is a heavy influence on Kane and his on and off stage prowess.

With a list of live performances under their belt, and even a performance in front of Kaiser Chief frontman Ricky Wilson before their first direct gig in Leeds, they are sure to put on a show.

Also check out their new single which begs the question, why do you not have as much fun when you grow older?

Be sure to check out their social media and media:







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