Cracking New Single from Crack of Dawn

Canadian funkateers, Crack of Dawn, have largely been ignored by everyone outside of their homeland. Fortunately, Canada itself has reacted in quite the opposite way, buying enough records from the band in their hayday to ensure they outsold Earth, Wind & Fire, a reasonable sonic comparison.

However, Crack of Dawn are far from finished. Comprising of original members from way back nearly 40 years ago as well as hugely experienced musicians who have played extensively with the likes of Toots & the Maytals, Third World and Al Green, Crack of Dawn are having another – ahem – crack at the music industry. Though their material from ‘back in the day’ was the knee-jerking thwack of disco funk, their new sound is somewhat mellower – there’s a little G-funk perhaps, but there’s far more dreamy, horn-speckled classic soul going on these days. That’s not to downgrade it in any way. Whereas old soul hands regularly try to keep up with da kidz by using new techniques and special guest stars to make themselves relevant, Crack of Dawn have stuck to what they know best – real instruments; real song-writing and real…soul. A huge welcome back to a band we hardly knew we were missing out on.



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