Chase that Tune? Antonio Domingos’ Superhuman Piano Playing

Portuguese/American pianist, Antonio Domingos has gone further than most to prove his prowess at the keys. In June 2017 he officially broke to world record for the most times one key was hit in one minute. In theory that sounds easy…in practise, it should carry a health warning:

If you were counting, that was 824 times or nearly 14 times per second. Although Antonio came away in-injured, it’s unclear how the piano fared. Having survived a tortuous decade in the crime hotspots of Moscow learning his craft, Antonio found that his playing style (not always this fast, we assume!) was too adventurous for the piano cognoscenti, so elected to truly set himself apart from his contemporaries by being recognised as being one of the most skilful, energetic players in the world. With part one of this achieved, we look forward to further superhuman efforts of ivory smashing endeavour!



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