Review: Five o Five’s ‘Where They Bring Sophie’

Italian born and bred  band ‘Five o Five’ have released their first single off of their debut album ‘@Y&!

Made up of lead vocalist and guitarist Piero Piccillo, Andrea Tredicucci on drums, Riccardo Panaroni playing electric bass and Alessandro Falcioni accompanying on keyboards, this group of 18 year old performers and writers have shown they have what it takes to get there music out there, and now they have they’re sights set on the UK.

Their new album, ‘@Y&!‘ which is a strong break into the indie rock scene, drawing inspiration from Artic Monkeys and White Stripes. 

‘Where They Bring Sophie’ is a Punchy, catchy and energetic, that brings out the party in everyone. The music video accompanies the music so well and is a positive gem to satisfy all your indie needs. Andrea keeps a strong backbone with a slightly disco inspired beat, which gives speed but then slips softly into attack mode within the chorus. The mix of clean and fuzzed up guitars with distortion gives the song a broader feel and widens the listening experience in a  exciting way.

Five o Five’s single ‘Where They Bring Sophie’ is out now.



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