‘Why Did I Lose You’ by Neethusha

Neethusha Cherckal is no stranger to the music industry having been the former singer for StereoGrind, but now the talented songstress is launching a solo career of her own with the new single ‘Why Did I Lose You?’

Although she felt her Indian upbringing and societal pressures could have stopped her doing what she really loves, Neethusha has powered through to focus on her true talents.

However, it wasn’t always this simple for Neethusha who began her career as a computer science graduate, working as an engineer, but her determination has led her to pursue music and songwriting on a more permanent basis.

‘Why Did I Lose You’ is a beautifully crafted, lamenting ballad led by a lilting acoustic guitar line and softened further by Neethusha’s gentle, pure vocals. Inspired by the likes of Shania Twain, Savage Garden and Coldplay, Neethusha fuses together a wide range of influences to form her own unique style within the wider spectrum of pop music.

Find out more on Neethusha here:








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