Short Sharp Scratch: ‘Shell Suit’

The songwriter/producer Jak Chantler, ex-guitar player for alternative grunge band Kingskin (Kerrang!’ best unsigned band) now ventures away from his grunge rock roots and into the soul realm with “Shell Suit.” He now goes by the suit of “Short Sharp Scratch”, previously writing pop and rock records post-Kingskin departure, and now musing towards throwback-soul inspired tunes. This new track emanates positivity and good vibes. Chantler worked with Charlie Andrew of Alt J and Madness notoriety, and performed guitar in high profile for the likes of James Corden, Rick Astley and Gordon Ramsay. (Yes, the angry chef.)

This live version at Abbey Road Studios shows off “Shell Suit” at its rawest elements, featuring Izzy Warner performing jazzy, feel good vocals. Watch here below:

“Shell Suit” gives off funky vibes akin to the likes of Chic and Chaka Khan, with modern elements appealing to today’s contemporary indie crowd – (Fans of Haim will appreciate.)   Producer George Shilling oversees this ground-breaking new direction from Chantler.



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