Track Review: ‘Not Gonna Fall In Love With You’ by Pallab Sarker

Pallab Sarker, the British/Bengali songbird from Peterborough, has released a new single “Not Gonna Fall In Love With You” following the success of his debut record- ‘Morning in Brixton’. Having lived such an interesting life, being a Press Adviser to Ministers, you can literally hear Sarker’s memories and life experience oozing out of his clever and relatable lyrics that sing through the upbeat, ‘brit-pop’ style. This indie track is very ‘Kooks’, I can imagine it being played in the background of a classic british film, while people are dropping off papers and riding bikes through town. It feels a lot like home, and it is apparent how comfortable Sarker is within his genre.

“Not Gonna Fall In Love With You” is quite a simplistic song, with a basic rhyme scheme and innocent style, it is definitely easy listening. You could say it is a sad song, talking about how he is thinking of somebody every night and day, but he is adamant that he won’t fall in love with them. However, the way you take it is down to your personal preference. Are you listening to Sarker’s arresting voice telling you about how he is denying himself someone, or are you listening to the happy, jaunty background music? Guitars, pianos and a basic drumbeat, I feel that it lifts the song and takes it from a simplistic, acoustic song, to a track you could hear and fall in love with when you’re out and about.

So, Pallab Sarker, although you are sure you’re not falling in love, I’m sure that people will be falling in love very soon with the new track.



Words by Holly Jean


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