‘Belinda’ by vintage-rockers Albino

Rock may have seen its best days but London based rockers Albino are bringing back a little bit of that throwback sound with their blend of country, americana, folk and whiskey. Yes, whiskey.

Suggesting that they pretty much function on whiskey, their choice of poison, Albino draw comparison with a number of classic vintage rock artists including The Doors, The Animals and even a little bit of Johnny Cash.

Consisting of Ben Tucker (guitar/vocals), Merv ‘Fuzzy’ Salole (Bass), Gareth ‘gwEM’ Morris (guitar) and Don Gibson (percussion), Albino’s sole aim is to entertain with their rambunctious, often humorous ‘drinking’ music. As the main songwriter in the outfit, Ben is the driving inspirational force, tapping into a deep well of life experiences that draw on topics as diverse as love, deviancy, distrust of priests, historical events and of course, drinking.

Their new single ‘Belinda’ is a driving force right from the start with its highly memorable organ lead and fuzzy, pounding bass line. Ben’s vocals lay over the top, ranging from a sweet croon to a full on growl during the chorus, before making way for a face-melting guitar solo that takes listeners right back to the hey-day of rock’n’roll.

You can check out more on Albino here:






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