Pablo and The Appleheads: ‘Zaida’


Pablo and the Appleheads, a band started in Barcelona in 2014, consists of the outstanding Pablo Villavacchia on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Pere Foved on drums, Jordi Franco on bass, Joan Vinyals on guitar and backing vocals, Jordi Batida on guitar, and Manu Guix on piano.

The band are set to release their new album, ‘Alessandra’, very soon, the title of the album lovingly named after Pablo’s girlfriend. Although, as well as beautiful poetic tracks such as ‘Revolution II’, Pablo has described the songs as ‘creative, fun and destructive’, such as the track ‘Zaida’, with a new music video being released on August the 4th.

Pablo and the Appleheads’ producer, Roger Rodés, said by Pablo to be ‘the producer of my dreams’, has been thoroughly involved in the bands’ music, making it sound extraordinary and illusionistic, better than Pablo could have ever thought.  Rodés helps bring across clearly the range of topics Pablo wants to engage his audience with, such as love, partying and politics, making his album interesting and greatly thought-provoking.

The band has many influences, including The Beatles, Oasis, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones and Coldplay, making their music a fusion between indie and pop. Although another of Pablo’s influences is perhaps his parents who worked in the music industry; his mother as a singer-songwriter for advert jingles, whom taught Pablo song-writing and the guitar, and his father a saxophone player for the rock band Loquillo y los Troglodites. His inspirations are displayed throughout his new album, ‘Alessandra’, released shortly, so keep your eyes peeled for some fabulous new hits.


Make sure to check out Pablo and the Appleheads at…


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