Gulf return with ‘Talk’


Consisting of long-time musical brothers, Mark Jones and Femi Fadero, Gulf, a trip-pop band from Liverpool, are making their long awaited return with the new single ‘Talk’. Their music, since starting in 2014, has been described as ‘pop in swirling technicolour’, reinforced by the psychedelic artwork they release to complement the tracks.

The band, described as ‘sheer pop bliss’ by The Guardian, are releasing their new single ‘Talk’ from their upcoming EP entitled Polphony, exhbiting some fantastically wistful guitar accompaniments, led by the impressive vocals from Mark, balanced with skilful synths and potent beats.

However, their music is difficult to establish in just one style, with even Gulf themselves saying that it is impossible to ‘differentiate between established genres’, including ‘pop, psychedelia, disco and anything in between’ into their tracks. However, this is possibly the most endearing thing about what Gulf are doing.

Make sure to check out the talented Gulf and their music at…


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