TONICA is putting Manchester back on the map with their new track ‘Save Yourself’. From the home of musical legends, TONICA are a duo consisting of Amory (singer, songwriter) and Sam (songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer), taking inspiration from artists such as The XX and The Weeknd, TONICA’s sound is definitely relevant and has a weight that is missing from a lot of electro-pop songs. Their vision and aesthetic is very clear through their sound and ‘Save Yourself’ is a work of art. With a backdrop of dark electro beats, a layering of synths and distorted vocals, the song relays a story ‘about a romantic interest in a troubled friend, exploring themes of addiction and the plight of modern love’. It definitely is a catchy and memorable song, but more than that, it has more substance than your typical pop song and won’t be forgotten by listeners anytime soon. And nothing less can be expected from the experienced duo who have opened for The Kooks and played at Club NME for KoKo.

Even if this is not your typical genre of music, it is hard to ignore the art that accompanies this song, which fits in perfectly with their ‘neon-noir’ aesthetic, taking inspiration from films such as Blade Runner, it adds the dark cinematic visual to their undiluted and unique brand of music. The man behind the duo’s visual art is graphic designer João Oliviera whose work can be found here:

‘Save Yourself’ can be heard here: :


For more information about TONICA:



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