Track Preview: ‘Waiting For the Red Light’ by Apachelux


Electronic dance duo Apachelux are no strangers to the industry having previously released ‘This Time’ which was aired on 30 radio stations and ‘Only When You’re Lonely’ which The Times listed as one of their essential tracks of 2015.

Now, Apachelux are back with the anthemic dance track, ‘Waiting For the Red Light’ that picks up exactly where they left off with their previous releases.

The duo, consisting of Jay Wigmore and Louisa Strachan, create a pulsating brand of dance music that draws as much on the atmosphere of 90s clubs as it does 70s disco.

‘Waiting For The Red Light’ exhibits a fast paced beat that simply doesn’t give up and this is accompanied by Strachan’s disco-esque vocals, making the song perfect for getting off your seat and onto the dance floor.

If you were a frequent raver back in the day, the duo’s new track will take you straight back those days of late night clubbing and dancing your socks off. On top of this, the pair really know how to write a dance track, gradually building the song until a powerful drop towards the end that you can’t help but give in to.

‘Waiting For the Red Light’ isn’t out until April 7th, but in the meantime you can listen to some of Apachelux’s previous work here:


Find out more here:


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