Warner Chappell’s Edward Abela goes straight to number 1 after less than 24 hours of releasing ‘Echoes’ EP

Having worked with Warner Chappell, scoring of films such as ‘Belonging’ and ‘Let There Be Light’ and sync work for NBC, SKY, Channel 4 and BBC, Edward Abela returns with ‘Echoes’. With the aim to create an ambient space through the use of soft and beautiful piano based music, ‘Echoes’ allows the listener to create their own story. After releasing ‘Echoes’ March 1st, the EP went straight to number 1 in the Malta charts in less than 24 hours.

From a young age Abela knew he wanted to be involved with classical music. He aims to tell a story with every piece of music through the use of a soft piano based sound. Although predominantly a classical musician, Edward has worked within other genres such as Bee Bakare’s EP reaching number 2 on the Reverb Nation charts, production on upcoming rock album with Marcus Bonfanti and collaborations on Sam Wey’s EP reaching number 15 on the alternative music charts. Alongside the creation of ‘Echoes’, Abela has performed at Union Chapel at the David Bowie memorial gig.



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