‘Leaves, Sadness, Science’ by Marilyn Carino


Marilyn Carino is best known for her electronic-fusion music and her latest album, Leaves, Sadness, Science exhibits some of her best work in the genre to date. Having shared stages with Black Star and David Byrne, Carino’s album fuses soul and even hip-hop with her favoured electro style and also features R.E.M bassist, Mike Mills.

The whole album was written, recorded and mastered by Marilyn herself, combining complex beats and rhythms with deep synths and spacey vibes. Her long time practice of Nichiren Buddhism is the force that forms her songs into gripping, graphic internal monologues that explore themes of sex and radical self-expression. As a result, her music has been labelled as ‘enchanting’ and her voice has been given the accolade of ‘powerful to the point of bringing you to tears’.

Carino recorded her first album at Neil Young’s studio with Crazy Horse bassist Billy Talbot producing. She then flew to London on a one-way ticket and stayed for a year working as an engineer in reggae recording studios. Upon returning to the U.S. she co-founded the vintage electronic group Mudville, producing three critically acclaimed albums and wrote lyrics for the great producers Sly and Robbie (Grace Jones, Simply Red). Mudville’s song ‘Wicked’ won the 2008 Independent Music Award for Best Song. She recorded and produced her first solo album ‘Little Genius’ in 2011, and recently contributed vocals and lyrics to the Words Hurt indie hip hop collective’s ‘Fuck That Pretty Boy Shit’, featuring Samuel T. Herring, vocalist of Future Islands.

You can watch the video for ‘When The Innocents Go To War’ here:

Check out more on Marilyn here:








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