James Kennedy’s New Musical Direction

James Kennedy has been living the rock’n’roll lifestyle for a while now, but after constant touring with his alternative-rock band, Kyshera, he found that it was becoming difficult and unfortunately, began to suffer from depression.

Despite this, James took a break which helped him gather his thoughts and led to him writing and recording his new solo album, Home. The process became a sort of therapy for James and the album exhibits some of his best work to date, albeit very different from the hardcore stylings and aggressive sound of Kyshera.

Home shows a side of Kennedy that has clearly looked inwardly to himself for his musical inspiration. There is still a definitive rock sound to his music, but there are elements of pop hooks and more soulful lyric writing that display Kennedy’s versatile range as a musician.

James’ album isn’t out until 31 March, but you can listen to some of his other work on SoundCloud and find out a bit more on him here:








Pre-order ‘Home’ here:





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