Everything Under make electronic rock accessible for all with single ‘Happy Matters

Electronic rock group Everything Under (EU) have a unique outlook on life, which they portray through their quirky single ‘Happy Matters’ and psychedelic music video. The single taken from their upcoming album ‘Where Have The Kids Gone at Night’ follows an electronic rock sound but blends 80s synth pop with 90s alternative grungy guitar, giving it a unique sound.

EU’s front man Mark J. Heidecke lost his sister in a car accident in 1998 and spent years pondering her loss. He soon decided to attend Ex’pression College for Digital Arts where he learnt sound design, music theory and performance and found his passion was with music. The loss of his sister always effected Heidecke but he found music was that form of escape.

EU consists of Grammy Award winning producer/sound engineer Jeff Lane, drummer Kevin T. Jones and Bernie Grundman who mastered EU’s latest tracks. The group aim to make electronic rock genre more accessible to all and after listening to ‘Happy Matters’ it seems they’ve been successful.

Watch the music video for ‘Happy Matters’ here:




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