Adam Lanceley Remembers ‘Those Rose Tinted Days’


The trials of life have not hindered the strong-minded singer-songwriter, Adam Lanceley, whose car crash during his youth left him fighting for his life. His parents were told his chances of survival were slim and that he certainly would not walk again,  but Adam was determined to prove them wrong, relearning a number of skills in the process, even how to talk.

After suffering from depression in his later years, Adam turned to songwriting as a way of expressing his feelings in a more effective manner. Since then, he has produced five albums, including Postcards From Then… , from which ‘Those Rose Tinted Days’ is taken.

Although Adam’s musical style is difficult to pin down due to his use of unconventional instrumentation and old-skool recording methods, he takes inspiration from an eclectic range of artists including The Beach Boys, REM, Roy Orbison and even the Rolling Stones.

‘Those Rose Tinted Days’ is a head-bobbing anthem powered by sun-drenched guitar riffs and backed up with Adam’s punchy vocal stylings that reflect his honest and considered song writing process. As for lyrical influence, Adam’s mantra ‘as long as it means something to you’ makes itself clear through contemplative subject matter and cryptic poetics.

Find out more on Adam here:


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