Carina Round releases mesmerizing album ‘Deranged to Divine’.

carina-round-deranged-to-divine-cd_dl-cover-finalBringing all of her material together, work spanning over fourteen years, with work taken off of her critically acclaimed albums: ‘The First Blood Mystery’, ‘The Disconnection’, ‘Slow Motion Addict’, ‘Tigermending’, as well as the EP ‘Things You Should Know’, Wolverhampton born Carina Round releases ‘Deranged to Divine’ a spell-binding album which shows her growth as an artist. Her lyricism is what most artists wish they could achieve and Carina does it effortlessly.

The album is also complimented with two previously unreleased tracks ‘Gunshot’ and ‘Want More’, both showcase Carina’s unique vocals to a high level. A standout track for me is ‘Backseat’, I was captured from the beginning of the song, with Carina’s perfect vocals, it’s almost enchanting.

View the video for ‘Backseat’ here:


The video features people from all walks of life miming the lyrics, and I have watched it numerous times, it’s beautifully made, with over 250,000 views other people must agree with me, A stand out lyric which really rung true to me was ‘Just a second and we’re gone, Just an imprint when we’re done, It should be forever, God told me.’ – this just showcases Carina’s beautiful writing skills.

Another stand out track is ‘You and Me’ it’s a little more upbeat than ‘Backseat’ the video is also beautiful with people recording messages to loved ones and showcasing them in the video, along with animations.

View the video here:

‘You and Me’ is dedicated to the memory of Jean Round, it’s a lovely song, combined with the video actually made me feel a little emotional.

Carina Round proves over and over again that she has the power to touch your soul through her music.


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