The 109s REVIEW

The debut album from The 109s landed in my inbox ready for a review this week and I was rather excited to get listening to this as the band describe their sound as akin to AC/DC and Iron Maiden.

After a couple of listens to the band’s Soundcloud, I have to admit I am very impressed! The band has taken inspiration from rock legends that have gone before them and have poured their knowledge and talent into making this 12 track album- and it is clearly evident! They have created some beautiful vocal harmonies which contrast perfectly with some punchy and memorable guitar riffs from lead guitarist Matty. The track also features some true rock style bass and drums which really give the track layers and dimension.

The track really builds to a strong pinnacle and is constantly filled with fluidity and movement which gives them an interesting and dynamic production sound. This gives the band individuality in the rock scene but also allow them to sit right on the edge on mainstream success.

Overall, great album and I am sure I will be listening to a couple of these tracks many more times!



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