Love inspired single ‘Summer Night on Fairytale Land’ from Pedro Syrah REVIEW

The beautiful love inspired single from Pedro Syrah ‘Summer Night on Fairytale Land’ is a calming earworm of a track. Featuring Pedro’s soft and beautifully controlled vocals, the track is the perfect evidence of the creatively daring guitarists musical talent. It is clear to hear that Pedro has been influenced by a vast and extensive range of genres and musical styles from progressive rock to classical music.

Watch the video for ‘Summer Night on Fairytale Land’ here: 

Whilst the song has clear commercial value, reminding me of songs such as Better Together by Jack Johnson, it also has a distinctly unique sound at the same time. It is refreshing to find a track which would easily fit in the indie folk genre whilst also hanging right on the edge of mainstream music. The track is the perfect combination of intimately personal lyrics and widely appealing guitar sounds meaning that I would recommend this track to fans of acoustic music to those who are more into their folk music.

With his album set for release in October, I would recommend that while you wait you check out the video for this track and keep up to date on Pedro’s social media as he is often posting on the progress of his upcoming album.


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