Latest Pick From Lola Lamour’s EP ‘Double Agent’

Lola and her band the Lamours are a dynamic and interesting group influenced by the music of the 40s and the 50s such as Peggy Lee, Al Bowley and Sarah Vaughan. The glamorous big band era of the early 20th Century is very prevalent in all of Lola’s music and it is a true breath of fresh air for those tired of the conventional pop music of modern times.

‘Double Agent’ is a fast paced, smooth and sultry track from Lola’s debut EP ‘Looking for Love’. The song is a rich blend of saucy swing and intricate melodies from a bygone era. The track will make you yearn for the golden age of glamour and everything else Lola has to offer.

Listen to Double Agent here:

‘Double Agent’ is the latest single off the fantastic EP ‘Looking for Love’ out now.




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