Daybehavior release a new video in Italian

A month ago Daybehavior released the video Change. While spinning on several TV-stations in the US and Europe, Daybehavior now release a video of the Italian version “Cambiare”. The production of the Italian version is slightly different, with a bit more up-tempo feel.

Heavy influenced by electronics and movies, Daybehavior was formed in 1995 in Stockholm, Sweden.

The trio, Paulinda, Carl and Tommy, is now in the studio working on the their 4th album, Based on a True Story.

The song is presented in 2 versions, in English and Italian, for the reason of our love for the Italian language and the heritage of Paulinda.

Cambiare / Change is the first song taken from the forthcoming album “Based on a True Story” The video has received a lot of positive feedback due to its playful touch of the 60’s in a mix with 80’s synth-pop sound.

The single is available at common stores

iTunes Amazon Google Play


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