New album by Preacher ‘Signals’ to come out April 13th

“Jupiter to Mars” is the lead single of the new album “Signals” by Preacher, due for release on April 6th.  Influenced by the classic likes of Pink Floyd, Preacher are updating the psychedelic rock tropes in a modern day setting and turning heads along the way. Their album launch landed them the headline act at the ABC1 02 in Glasgow, showing how much impact their new material has.

Fronted by Martin Murphy, the back-story of Preacher is almost as incredible as the music. Murphy suffered a severe stroke seven years ago, a near death experience which served as a reason to think about life’s priorities. It was this that inspired Martin for the concept of the album. By the time he left the hospital, he had already written lyrics and melodies that would make it onto the ‘Signals’ album. Seven year later, the album is set to release April 13th.

The past seven years for Preacher have been a roller-coaster of writing, practising and improving. They also had to replace a lead guitarist with addiction issues – a position eventually filled by Martin’s own son Greg Murphy, who impressively went from Guitar Hero novice to self-taught virtuoso in the space of 16 months. It all culminates in 2015, with the single and album out in April, followed by a summer festival which will see them share a stage with rock royalty in Status Quo.

As is often said – good things come to those who wait.


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