Tosca Announce New album ‘Outta Here’ to be released 6th October on !K7

Tosca subvert expectations on their new album, Outta Here, due early October on !K7 Records. The sonic collages and smooth downbeat jams with which they made their name are updated and injected with elements of art-avant-garde, pop, soul, Jazz and Blues. For this album, vocalists Earl Zinger and Cath Coffey join the fold to contribute an array of whimsical, esoteric lyrics.

“Crazy Love,” features both Zinger and Coffey on vocals and is a brilliant sonic introduction to the album. The track is available now as an a la carte purchase, and as an instant download included with pre-orders of Outta Here.


Take a look at the works of this fantastic duo and prepare for them to take over the electronic stage.



Pre-order and get “Crazy Love” right away:

Tosca Facebook

Tosca Online

!K7 Facebook

!K7 Twitter




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