‘Down The Aisle’ by Music Theory

Check out the latest tune from Egyptian artist, Music Theory, whose infectious brand of pop music is easy listening for all ears.

As a youngster, Music Theory was a relatively shy character, but he quickly found that writing music became a useful outlet for releasing his thoughts and dreams.

Although Music Theory employs a pop music aesthetic at the heart of his style, he often likes to experiment with hints of rock, dance and R&B to give his music that unique edge and help it stand out in the crazy world of pop music.

‘Down the Aisle’ is led with a beautiful piano and guitar accompaniment that makes way for pure, sweet vocals and an unbelievably catchy chorus line. I can guarantee you’ll be humming this one for a while.






‘Fading Photograph’ by Glenn Harrold

Glenn Harrold is a multi-million selling self-help author and hypnotherapist who has also diverged into the world of making music. Is there anything this man can’t do?

He hit us with ‘The Wayfarer’ not too long ago and now he has followed up the success of this single with ‘Fading Photograph’- a classically constructed love song that addresses the age-old situation of losing the one you love and fondly remembering it as you get older, yet eventually, it fades away.

With a captivating (and slightly heartbreaking) video, Glenn’s music will have you gripped with its emotional prowess and it might just bring you to tears, in a good way though.


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Electronic meets hip-hop in M3staken’s new album

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After releasing his debut album, Apex, earlier this year- a combination of hip-hop beats with electronic effects and an intriguing classical piano edge, the young producer, M3staken has returned with his continuation record, Water Colors.

M3staken’s style is not your everyday type of music, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Jarring rhythms and beats is what M3 does best, compiling complex musical structures with subtle melody and moody drones that underpin his work. Consequently, there’s a definite dark ambience to his music; a dissonance that is expertly crafted and formed into a challenging listen.

Growing up in South Carolina, M3staken takes influence from a wide range of artists including Joey Bada$$, Jamie XX and FKA Twigs.

With an ambitious sound that is difficult to pin down, M3staken is one to listen to if you’re even the remotest hip-hop fan.

Check out Water Colors here: https://m3ssi.bandcamp.com/releases






‘Fireman’ by Jake Aldridge

Rap artist Jake Aldridge has collaborated with Lisa Ambrose to form the catchy new single, ‘Fireman’.

With Lisa’s delicate pop vocals forming the infectious, yet gentle chorus, and Jake’s well-crafted rap styling forming the verses, a unique combination is created through their juxtaposition and it certainly sounds good.

Jake wasn’t always drawn to music though. It took the unfortunate passing of his Father when Jake was just 11 years old for him to turn to writing. He quickly found that he had an affinity for penning lyrics and his confidence began to shine through this medium. Music suddenly became an outlet for Jake to express his emotions.

Lisa Ambrose was the recent winner of battle of the bandstands, hosted by Radio 1’s Rob Da Bank and this led to her supporting Mark Ronson and eventually meeting Jake.

Jake has some classic hip-hop/rap inspirations for his music including Dr. Dre and Tupac and his off-the-cuff style of rapping pays homage to these icons of the genre.

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KADI Sends Out A Message With ‘Turn U On’

Listen up R&B/ hip-hop lovers as KADI’s latest tune, ‘Turn U On’ is one you should be chasing and it even has a powerful message behind, straying from some of the typical representations of women in the genre.

KADI has always felt that the industry portrays the wrong idea, suggesting that women can only get far if they are prepared to sexual in terms of their image. Concerned for the younger generation of girls listening to this kind of music, KADI is keen to help them realise that this is not the case; that women can succeed without ‘having a big ass or showing your breasts’. 

‘Turn U On’ combines clever and witty lyricism with a strong agenda that aims to empower women and move away from conventional images in hip-hop. KADI is aggressive and confident in her rapping style, but this only supports the message she is trying to put across, and she does this effortlessly, never deviating from the aura of cool that surround her.

With some quality production values and an equally professional video, KADI is without a doubt on the way up with her brand of meaningful hip-hop-rap.

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Track Preview: ‘Waiting For the Red Light’ by Apachelux


Electronic dance duo Apachelux are no strangers to the industry having previously released ‘This Time’ which was aired on 30 radio stations and ‘Only When You’re Lonely’ which The Times listed as one of their essential tracks of 2015.

Now, Apachelux are back with the anthemic dance track, ‘Waiting For the Red Light’ that picks up exactly where they left off with their previous releases.

The duo, consisting of Jay Wigmore and Louisa Strachan, create a pulsating brand of dance music that draws as much on the atmosphere of 90s clubs as it does 70s disco.

‘Waiting For The Red Light’ exhibits a fast paced beat that simply doesn’t give up and this is accompanied by Strachan’s disco-esque vocals, making the song perfect for getting off your seat and onto the dance floor.

If you were a frequent raver back in the day, the duo’s new track will take you straight back those days of late night clubbing and dancing your socks off. On top of this, the pair really know how to write a dance track, gradually building the song until a powerful drop towards the end that you can’t help but give in to.

‘Waiting For the Red Light’ isn’t out until April 7th, but in the meantime you can listen to some of Apachelux’s previous work here:


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Warner Chappell’s Edward Abela goes straight to number 1 after less than 24 hours of releasing ‘Echoes’ EP

Having worked with Warner Chappell, scoring of films such as ‘Belonging’ and ‘Let There Be Light’ and sync work for NBC, SKY, Channel 4 and BBC, Edward Abela returns with ‘Echoes’. With the aim to create an ambient space through the use of soft and beautiful piano based music, ‘Echoes’ allows the listener to create their own story. After releasing ‘Echoes’ March 1st, the EP went straight to number 1 in the Malta charts in less than 24 hours.

From a young age Abela knew he wanted to be involved with classical music. He aims to tell a story with every piece of music through the use of a soft piano based sound. Although predominantly a classical musician, Edward has worked within other genres such as Bee Bakare’s EP reaching number 2 on the Reverb Nation charts, production on upcoming rock album with Marcus Bonfanti and collaborations on Sam Wey’s EP reaching number 15 on the alternative music charts. Alongside the creation of ‘Echoes’, Abela has performed at Union Chapel at the David Bowie memorial gig.